Friday, 5 April 2013

Kent holiday

Sorry for not posting for a while but I've been staying at my parents in Kent, it was a lovely week but I'm very glad to be home! I have tried my hardest to stay on plan but it can be really hard when you have people constantly trying to feed you up as it were - even though they know full well you're dieting. For example on Sunday my brother and sister in law came to visit, its the first time we've seen them since they got married last August so it was nice to see them both and to 'honour' this occasion my mum made a lovely roast dinner. This is all good news as I'm allowed roast potatoes (which she'd done in frylight for me), loads of veg and some lovely lean lamb which I don't normally have as its quite expensive and chicken is a heck of a lot cheaper! So all good so far, all free foods except for a tiny smidge of gravy which I believe I calculated to be 1 syn....... then ....... dessert....... my mum KNOWS I'm on a diet, she KNOWS I'm working hard at it, she KNOWS I've been good yet she brings me out her home made chocolate mousse! Now considering the ingredients for this chocolate delicacy are chocolate, cream and eggs you'd think it'd be screaming to her well H can't eat this, but noooooo she offers me some then gets annoyed when I turn it down! *sigh* good job I can keep calm, I had a yogurt instead.

Anyway we're home now so it's all good, just need to see how we get on with the weigh in at group this week as I know its going to be an emotional one, one way or the other - if I don't get to my target this week (which you may remember is 3.5lbs to hit my Club 10) I'm going to be devastated and if I do get at least 3.5lbs I'm going to be ecstatically happy at getting there! Then I just need to race D to 4 stone (I would say 3 stone but considering last week she was only 1lb off and she's a weight loss machine, unless she only lost half a lb and I lost 9.5lbs I'll have to settle to chasing her to 4 stone lost!) 

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