Thursday, 14 March 2013

Illness :(

Well Monday went far better than expected, I was realistically only expecting a small loss but lo and behold managed to lose another 2.5lbs! So only 1.5lbs till I hit the 2 stone marker which is fantastic, and only 10lbs to go in total till I get my Club 10 (10% of your starting weight lost) which I'm aiming for by my birthday on April 18th, there's only 5 more weigh in's till then though so I'd best get my skates on! 

So as the title says I'm not very well today, I don't like not being well - and who does right? Especially not me, I get very grumpy and a bit pathetic, its only a cold and not like I'm dying or anything but I just feel blah and totally not with it. In the olden days I would have flopped in front of the telly with a load of choccie or something and just pigged out, but I've got myself moving, gone for a walk and bought enough ingredients to make a lovely tikka masala for tea, all fresh and homemade and everything! If all goes to plan there may even be a pic on the blog for next time, and it may even appear in the recipes section - but the best thing about this is it's free, as in no syns, which means I can eat loads and not feel guilty! Yay! 

This is the tikka masala I made totally from scratch, am feeling very proud of myself right now as it was blooming lovely! I'm not the best of cooks but this came out really nice, had to add in a bit more spice than was advised as we like it quite hot but other than that really happy with it, and the best of it is - its syn free! Yep a curry that's syn free! How awesome is that?! The recipe will get added later on to the recipes page but I don't have time to do it just now as I've promised my daughter we'll have a mummy/daughter night and she wants to watch Bee Movie (bless) 

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  1. From one free food lover to another, let me encourage you NOT to eat more than an average helping even when it's free to eat. Remember, to be successful in our journey, we need to do more than lose weight. We need to change our behavior. It is really easy to find a pet food that is free for our point system and eat up on it, but it will not be helping you overcome the need to eat more than an average helping. This is an area I need help, too.