Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Easter holidays

Ahhhh the Easter holidays - I remember them well! Spring was in the air, flowers were blooming, it was getting warmer and we got 2 weeks off school! So what the heck happened this time round?? My daughter still has 2 weeks off school so that part hasn't changed (she goes back next Monday) but where's Spring? Ok, so its a lot better this week than last week but I still have my heating on, and N still has snow at his house! Now the sun looks like its trying to make its way through the clouds today but not really succeeding too much at the minute, at least I've got no excuses though now I've got my game. Showed it to S this morning when she got back from her dad's and she likes it too although she gave up after about half a mile saying it was hard, wait till she sees me go for a couple of miles later on (although I expect she'll get bored of me doing it so I may have to wait till she's in bed) 

To the weigh in from Monday night, I'm sad to say I didn't quite get my 3.5lbs I needed to get my Club 10, but that's ok cos I did lose 2.5lbs which meant I got my 2 and a half stone award and it means I only need 1lb to get to that target this week for another shiny :) so I'm really happy about that. I've been doing a lot of walking and drinking a lot of water so I'm hoping this doesn't affect me too much this week but if I do get my Club 10 this week I should get my Silver Body Magic the following week so yet another shiny award for me - woohoo - I'm all about the shinies although I am running out of room on my fireplace for the certificates considering I have 5 Slimmer of the Week, 1 Body Magic and 5 Weight loss Awards (ie half stone, stone etc) I'll have to get some pics of them all - maybe next week once I've got my Club 10!

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