Friday, 1 March 2013

Mixed bag

Today's a bit of a blah day for me, fridays always are but today more so than normal. On a Friday I go to the boyfriend's house which, although he only lives about 20-25 minutes away by car, takes me almost 3 hours and 3 buses to get to, so its a total pain in the behind! Also today S has the day off school (stupid inset days) which means she's knocking round the house being bored and stuff, the only saving grace is as she's quite independent she left us in bed this morning so I didn't get up til half ten! 

Still feeling super motivated food wise although I am kinda craving something naughty, we had home made burgers last night which was a little naughty I guess (even though they are free on Slimming World)but it's not like I had them with bacon and cheese or even a bun (yes, my burgers were naked!) I had them with a load of salad. I could seriously sink my teeth into a doughnut or a big slab of chocolate but then that's how I got this way in the first place so I'm trying NOT to do that. On the plus side I will get plenty of exercise at the weekend in the form of dog walking, my boyfriend has a massive one year old Staffie called Leo who is absolutely gorgeous but needs to be walked for a good half an hour at least 3 times a day and then at least one long walk a day, it's a shame I don't get over there every day, would be very good for the diet!

Also been looking at buying a Wii U in the past few days, we have an original Wii but we can't get any new games for it as its chipped or whatever and the new games won't work so I figured a new one might be nice. Guess I need to start saving! Maybe that'll be my treat for my Club 10 (when you lose 10% of your starting body weight) although I still need to lose another 13.5lbs to get to it.

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