Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wii fit plus

About 3 Xmas' ago my parents bought me a wii fit balance board with the intention I would start using it once I was under the higher limit for it which is 23 stone 8lbs. I'm kind of ashamed and happy at the same time, to say that I finally opened it today and used it for the first time. However according to the little guy on screen I'm obese (well I did know that), he made my little 'Mii' character (the avatar you use on the wii system) really fat and after administering some tests he decided that my wii fit age was 53 :(( (I'm 34 remember!) N has decided this is hysterically funny but as he's not here till tomorrow he might find he's laughing on the other side of his face when I make him do it too! 

It was weigh in time last night and I've lost another 3.5lbs making a total of 30lbs (or 2stone 2lbs) so I'm still doing well and once again I've set myself a target of 2lbs, but on top of this thanks to my little fitbit I am also targetting myself to get to at least 6k steps a day and climb the equivalent of 10 flights of stairs, still got a little bit of work to do today but I'm getting there. I'm also investigating some of the wii games that are designed to get you moving more - the one that keeps being recommended to me is called Step to the beat (or Walk it Out in the US) but unfortunately even though it was released a few years ago its really expensive so I'm hoping I can grab it off eBay. 

I'm hoping I'm not overdoing the exercise side of things, I don't want to get injured or burn out or anything like that - although I suspect that's just silly with the amount I'm doing! But I just feel really inspired at the minute and when the weather is ok (if a little chilly) I've got no excuses to go out and have a walk really. Plus now the wii fit board is set up I can walk in front of the telly playing a game so definitely no more excuses! 

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