Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What have I done?!

Yet another week has started and I've lost another 1.5lbs - in my birthday week as well!! But I have far more exciting news to tell you about, a friend of mine from my Slimming World class mentioned that she is doing a sponsored walk on June 2nd and has managed to convince me to join her, nothing too bad about that I hear you say - however you don't know the distance... its....

13.1 miles!!!

Yep you heard right 13 miles, its a half marathon *gulp* and considering I've never walked anything further than about 5 miles before (although I regularly walk 3 or so) I'm slightly concerned. I do walk around 5-10 miles every day according to my pedometer but obviously that's on and off during the whole day and not in one go but my friend has agreed to walk the whole way with me even though she might regret it on the day! I have a lot of training to do and not a lot of time to get it all in so I guess I'd best get off the pc, get off my butt and go train! 

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