Thursday, 18 April 2013

Did I? Or didn't I?

I know you're all dying to know if I made it or not, well......

Hopefully this answers your question? Hehe. Yep I did indeed get my Club 10 on Monday night, I needed to lose 1lb and lost 2lbs which is great! Makes a total of 2 st 9lbs or 37lbs but still got a long 'weigh' to go (sorry for the horrible pun!) 

Good day for me today, its my birthday! Yay, me! The old me would have already had half a tonne of chocolate, plus birthday cake and probably be going out tonight and eat ice cream and all sorts of junk like that - however the new me had an egg salad for lunch and although we're going out for dinner tonight I plan to stick to the Slimming World plan and have a steak or something similar. Then for pudding (which I've already sorted!) instead of having it at the pub we're going to, I will be coming home and having a whole tub of frozen yogurt which will 'cost' me 7 syns for the entire thing! Therefore I still have syns left over for the day, meaning I can have a glass or two of wine and not feel even slightly guilty about drinking them! I've also done my Wii workout today (I would have gone for a walk but the weather is really horrible, its blowing a force 10 gale out there and wind and my asthma just do not mix!) I'm at just over 9000 steps for the day so I will definitely get to 10k before the day is out. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself if I'm honest, plus I did my nerd fitness workout (push ups, squats, lunges etc) so keeping everything crossed for another couple of lbs off this Monday.

Another thing I've done over the last couple of days is start a Facebook page about my journey, I'm hoping it will help to keep me accountable as well as possible inspire others, although at the minute as I still weigh over 22stone I don't think I'm all that inspiring.

Don't forget to like my new Facebook page Fat2fit

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