Thursday, 28 February 2013

Good news, bad news

Well I did say there might be another post tonight and here it is. We spoke to my daughter's teacher ('we' being my boyfriend and myself as my ex husband never has anything to do with school) and she mentioned it even before we did that she gets herself all in a tizz, upset over nothing and cries when she doesn't understand something straight away. We've agreed that we think she's putting too much pressure on herself to get it right first time but I really don't know where that comes from, I'm always chatting to her and telling that not everyone is good at everything all the time and sometimes it can take a while to understand things, some people pick things up quicker than others etc etc. Don't get me wrong she is an extremely bright kid, all her teachers have said so all the way through the school and we were told tonight that the subjects she's not already in the top group for she will be moved up to the top group within the next week or so - they test them once a term and move them up or down accordingly. I try not to pressure her into doing things she doesn't want to or doing things faster than necessary and I am by no means a perfectionist (you only have to see the state of my house to know that!) The thing is, and this is where I may be on dangerous ground, but her father is a perfectionist, his house is spotless at all times, he insists on things being a certain way and that can be a good thing at times but I'm wondering if she's picked up on this when she's there and is putting undue pressure on herself because of it, but I have no idea how to bring this up with him! But anyway the teacher is going to have a word with their 'learning mentor' which I think is a posh way of saying school counselor and see if she can come up with any techniques or things we can try with S to see if that might work. 

On a good note though she is doing very well in school, as I mentioned moving to the top groups across all subjects now, she listens well, responds well and is very well liked amongst peers and teachers as she is so well behaved. Now that is the sort of school report I like hearing.

Sleep deprived...

zzzzz...... huh? who said that?! Yep I'm sleep deprived this morning and feeling all the worse for it. The boyfriend arrived last night and cooked us a lovely meal but when it came to sleeping for some reason he seemed unable to, which of course meant lots of tossing and turning and huffing and puffing and me not getting a huge amount of sleep either. Which considering I have issues getting to sleep anyway mean I now have rather fetching dark circles under my eyes..... sexy... NOT! 
I have my daughter's parents evening tonight and I thought everything was going well until she burst into tears last night whilst doing some homework and a load of information came out about her not being able to concentrate at school, getting frustrated with the work and crying a lot. She's not mentioned any of this before and now I'm really worried, the thing is she's a really bright girl and in the top group for everything (I think - it gets confusing!) but I'm concerned that maybe I've put too much pressure on her to be good at everything, I mean I try not to, I tell her that not everyone is good at everything and we all have our strong points but I don't want her to feel like she's not doing me proud as she most certainly is! She's an amazing little girl, smart, funny, bright, bubbly but studious with it and I love her with all my heart and soul but I think she thinks I want more from her and I just don't know how to support her in this, so we'll chat to the teacher tonight and see what she says and go from there. Depending how it goes there might be a further post tonight .... watch this space... 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sponsored slim

Yep, that's right as the title says we're doing a sponsored slim. It's part of Slimming World's Slim for good campaign, its a 6 week challenge and we just have to lose as much as possible! I don't know a huge amount of people so I asked my boyfriend's mum if she'd take it to church which she very kindly agreed to do and I have a lot of people now sponsoring me a few pounds just for losing weight which is great. In case you're wondering the money doesn't go to us or to Slimming World we have to choose a local charity to support and the money goes to them, we've chosen a charity called Promise Dream who are a little bit like the Make a Wish Foundation but they are on a smaller and more local scale. We're hoping to raise loads but to be honest even if we could get everyone in the group to just raise say a tenner we could end up sending hundreds of pounds to the charity which I know would help them loads. 

I'm writing this nice and early today as I've made it my mission to try to write an entry first thing whilst we're getting ready for school, the only days I won't do that is a weekend as I'm usually at the boyfriend's and we do tend to sleep late, but I'm going to get the blogger app for my phone or tablet so hopefully I can still update on there. I've also added a recipes page which so far only has one recipe for KFC done the SW way but I will add more as I make them, I'm also aiming to put photo's on there of the finished article too (if I remember) 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The rest of my life....

Ohhhh, nice dramatic title itsn't it?! Well I do mean it, you see I'm on a journey, a metaphorical journey I guess as I plan to transform from the fat chick sitting at the desk writing this to a nice, skinny, sexy and confident woman. I started Slimming World on 7th January this year and I've so far lost 23lbs which is great (that's 1stone 9lbs btw) but if I was to say I have around another 12 stone to lose you will see the gargantuan task ahead of me! I'm not posting any pics up yet, mainly because to be honest I'm too embarrassed of the way I currently look. I have some ready to post so that once I feel I've left the old me far enough behind I will post my 'old' pics and then hopefully fell confident enough to post newer pics as they are taken.

I've been big nearly all my life, even at primary school I was known as chubby although everyone would say its just puppy fat and will be gone before long but sadly that never happened and I've just slowly gained weight over the years until I stepped on the slimming world scales weighing in at 25 stone 7.5lbs. If I'm perfectly honest with you dear reader I was worried that the scales wouldn't go up high enough! I nearly didn't go as I thought I might break them! I also came up with a million other reasons as to why I shouldn't go but I'm certainly very glad I did!

I will try to post on here as much as I can, the plan is to try out new recipes and add them on here and maybe some pics too (of the food not me!) I'm by no means a great cook but I'm happy to try stuff out so we'll give it a go.