Tuesday, 30 April 2013

So close!

Another weigh in last night and I lost 3lbs! That's awesome news I hear you shout but you don't seem happy? Oh of course I'm happy but just a little annoyed, in fact I swore at the scales for the first time ever mainly because I needed 3.5lbs to get to my 3 stone award and it couldn't have just given me that extra little half a lb could it? Nooooo of course not! So I'm currently sitting at a total loss of 2 stone 13.5lbs with just a measly half a lb needed to hit that 3 stone mark. Please don't think I'm ungrateful cos I am SO not, I honestly didn't think I'd even lost a lb last night so to lose 3 is amazing its just when you see yourself so close to your next goal its just a little bit like arrrgggghhh! 

Anyway I got yet another one of these last night - my 6th so far this year:

Again very happy with my performance last night and it means I WILL get my 3 stone shiny award next week which will be a huge milestone for me as I've never got this far before, might get a bit emotional on the scales.

On a very happy note my mum who had found a lump a few weeks a go got the all clear so I'm now very relieved as she is my rock and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What have I done?!

Yet another week has started and I've lost another 1.5lbs - in my birthday week as well!! But I have far more exciting news to tell you about, a friend of mine from my Slimming World class mentioned that she is doing a sponsored walk on June 2nd and has managed to convince me to join her, nothing too bad about that I hear you say - however you don't know the distance... its....

13.1 miles!!!

Yep you heard right 13 miles, its a half marathon *gulp* and considering I've never walked anything further than about 5 miles before (although I regularly walk 3 or so) I'm slightly concerned. I do walk around 5-10 miles every day according to my pedometer but obviously that's on and off during the whole day and not in one go but my friend has agreed to walk the whole way with me even though she might regret it on the day! I have a lot of training to do and not a lot of time to get it all in so I guess I'd best get off the pc, get off my butt and go train! 

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Did I? Or didn't I?

I know you're all dying to know if I made it or not, well......

Hopefully this answers your question? Hehe. Yep I did indeed get my Club 10 on Monday night, I needed to lose 1lb and lost 2lbs which is great! Makes a total of 2 st 9lbs or 37lbs but still got a long 'weigh' to go (sorry for the horrible pun!) 

Good day for me today, its my birthday! Yay, me! The old me would have already had half a tonne of chocolate, plus birthday cake and probably be going out tonight and eat ice cream and all sorts of junk like that - however the new me had an egg salad for lunch and although we're going out for dinner tonight I plan to stick to the Slimming World plan and have a steak or something similar. Then for pudding (which I've already sorted!) instead of having it at the pub we're going to, I will be coming home and having a whole tub of frozen yogurt which will 'cost' me 7 syns for the entire thing! Therefore I still have syns left over for the day, meaning I can have a glass or two of wine and not feel even slightly guilty about drinking them! I've also done my Wii workout today (I would have gone for a walk but the weather is really horrible, its blowing a force 10 gale out there and wind and my asthma just do not mix!) I'm at just over 9000 steps for the day so I will definitely get to 10k before the day is out. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself if I'm honest, plus I did my nerd fitness workout (push ups, squats, lunges etc) so keeping everything crossed for another couple of lbs off this Monday.

Another thing I've done over the last couple of days is start a Facebook page about my journey, I'm hoping it will help to keep me accountable as well as possible inspire others, although at the minute as I still weigh over 22stone I don't think I'm all that inspiring.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Tonight's the night??

Let's keep everything crossed that tonight is in fact the night! My at home scales are looking encouraging but I don't use those numbers so I have to wait till tonight to see how I've done. 

You may remember I mentioned in a post the other day that I was taking part in the Biggest Loser online as part of a group set up on MyFitnessPal, well we've finished week one and I have been crowned the Purple Princess for this week, meaning that in my team (the purple team) I was the person with the highest number of points for the week - in weight loss and in the challenges that we did. Yay me! I wasn't the Biggest Loser this week, that honour went to someone on one of the other teams who managed to lose 12lbs! Wowzers! I was very happy with my contribution, especially as our team as a whole are this week's Biggest Losers as well. We've got some different challenges this week which include making sure we eat a minimum of 5 portions of fruit or veg a day, drinking 10 glasses of water and doing 30 mins of exercise 5 times a week, so it should be a good week. 

I've also found an amazing site called Nerd Fitness run by a bloke called Steve Kamb who admits to be a full on nerd (a bit like myself!) but on the site he takes it a whole lot further and talks about levelling up your life not just your games. So I am now following their beginner's body weight workout which after a warm up of some cardio (I went on the Wii this morning and did some Step to the Beat) there is a set of various different exercises which you can do anywhere using nothing more than your own body and some sort of weight (Steve used a large milk carton - I used a litre bottle of squash which I've since drunk) You're supposed to do them 3 times but I could only manage one set at the moment but the idea being that eventually I will be able to get up to 3 times and then eventually progress onto the more advanced workout which they also have on their website. 

I'm thinking maybe I should have a page which just has reviews and feedback of the various other websites I've used during my journey in case they are useful to anyone, that will have to go on my list of things to do though as I have a million and one things to do at the minute :(

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Easter holidays

Ahhhh the Easter holidays - I remember them well! Spring was in the air, flowers were blooming, it was getting warmer and we got 2 weeks off school! So what the heck happened this time round?? My daughter still has 2 weeks off school so that part hasn't changed (she goes back next Monday) but where's Spring? Ok, so its a lot better this week than last week but I still have my heating on, and N still has snow at his house! Now the sun looks like its trying to make its way through the clouds today but not really succeeding too much at the minute, at least I've got no excuses though now I've got my game. Showed it to S this morning when she got back from her dad's and she likes it too although she gave up after about half a mile saying it was hard, wait till she sees me go for a couple of miles later on (although I expect she'll get bored of me doing it so I may have to wait till she's in bed) 

To the weigh in from Monday night, I'm sad to say I didn't quite get my 3.5lbs I needed to get my Club 10, but that's ok cos I did lose 2.5lbs which meant I got my 2 and a half stone award and it means I only need 1lb to get to that target this week for another shiny :) so I'm really happy about that. I've been doing a lot of walking and drinking a lot of water so I'm hoping this doesn't affect me too much this week but if I do get my Club 10 this week I should get my Silver Body Magic the following week so yet another shiny award for me - woohoo - I'm all about the shinies although I am running out of room on my fireplace for the certificates considering I have 5 Slimmer of the Week, 1 Body Magic and 5 Weight loss Awards (ie half stone, stone etc) I'll have to get some pics of them all - maybe next week once I've got my Club 10!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Exciting times?

Well a few things have happened since I last posted, the first being that I have been accepted onto The Biggest Loser..... well ok sort of! Not the TV version so I'm not going to be rich and famous and meet Bob and Jillian but this is a version we're doing in conjunction with MyFitnessPal* (mfp for short) I'm on the purple team (yay go purple!) and it's basically the same as the tv show in that we have weekly challenges, this weeks is to make sure we've tracked all the food we eat and that we've drunk at least 8 glasses of water per day, and we also track our weight loss (or gain obviously), the idea being that whoever has lost the most percentage of weight at the end of the 'show' which is 12 weeks long will be the Biggest Loser. Now I know last season's loser lost 17.5% of his starting weight which if he does something similar this season I will need to lose 57lbs to beat him in just 12 weeks! Obviously I'm not aiming for that, I've set my target at 21lbs which is a stone and a half and I think that's a very admirable target given that hopefully tonight I will hit my 10% target at group. 

The second exciting thing happened this morning! I Can't remember if I mentioned it or not but I ordered a Wii game which can utilise the Wii fit balance board or use a nunchuk along with the Wiimote. Its called Step to the Beat (or Walk it Out in America for some reason, no idea why it's got different names when its exactly the same game) and as the name suggests its a walking game. You start off with a little character who tracks your movement and 'walks' round a place called Rhythm Island in time with you. Whilst walking in time to the music you will gain coins but you must walk in time and some of the songs are a LOT faster than others, these coins can then be turned in to open up other parts of the island as well as buy bits and pieces to help build your island. I've only had a quick-ish go on it this morning and I will be honest I'm addicted already! I was only on there for maybe half an hour or so maybe slightly longer, but you honestly don't feel like you're exercising even though I was sweating like mad by the end, so its perfect for a fair weather walker like myself as now there's no excuses about not being able to go outside cos its cold or wet or snowing! Once I get to grips with it a bit more I'll take some pics and get them posted on here as well.

Its almost time for weigh in now so I guess I better go and face the music - fingers crossed its a good one, I need 2.5lbs to get to 2.5 stone lost and 3.5lbs to get to my Club 10 (10% of your starting weight lost), I hope it's good news as I've been extremely good for the past 2 weeks and I will be annoyed if I'm half a lb short or something.

*As an aside I will do a bit more of a detailed post regarding MyFitnessPal and all the other apps and things I use at another point.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Kent holiday

Sorry for not posting for a while but I've been staying at my parents in Kent, it was a lovely week but I'm very glad to be home! I have tried my hardest to stay on plan but it can be really hard when you have people constantly trying to feed you up as it were - even though they know full well you're dieting. For example on Sunday my brother and sister in law came to visit, its the first time we've seen them since they got married last August so it was nice to see them both and to 'honour' this occasion my mum made a lovely roast dinner. This is all good news as I'm allowed roast potatoes (which she'd done in frylight for me), loads of veg and some lovely lean lamb which I don't normally have as its quite expensive and chicken is a heck of a lot cheaper! So all good so far, all free foods except for a tiny smidge of gravy which I believe I calculated to be 1 syn....... then ....... dessert....... my mum KNOWS I'm on a diet, she KNOWS I'm working hard at it, she KNOWS I've been good yet she brings me out her home made chocolate mousse! Now considering the ingredients for this chocolate delicacy are chocolate, cream and eggs you'd think it'd be screaming to her well H can't eat this, but noooooo she offers me some then gets annoyed when I turn it down! *sigh* good job I can keep calm, I had a yogurt instead.

Anyway we're home now so it's all good, just need to see how we get on with the weigh in at group this week as I know its going to be an emotional one, one way or the other - if I don't get to my target this week (which you may remember is 3.5lbs to hit my Club 10) I'm going to be devastated and if I do get at least 3.5lbs I'm going to be ecstatically happy at getting there! Then I just need to race D to 4 stone (I would say 3 stone but considering last week she was only 1lb off and she's a weight loss machine, unless she only lost half a lb and I lost 9.5lbs I'll have to settle to chasing her to 4 stone lost!)