Tuesday, 5 March 2013


How unusual for me to be posting about lack of sleep! Well I've learnt a couple of things today, firstly I should never do my food shopping whilst tired, it seems I can manage to do it whilst hungry but tired is another matter, all I wanted to do was grab junk and get home for a sleep. Secondly thanks to my little Fitbit One gizmo I now know I really do take ages to get to sleep and got woken up 13 times in the night, its an amazing bit of kit, I mean I know I probably wasn't actually awake but just roused enough to be tossing and turning and therefore not getting enough decent sleep, at one point this went of for nearly 20 minutes which obviously isn't good. Following my success yesterday with uploading pics I'll see if I can take a screenshot of the sleep info from the website later in the week when its got more on there.

As for dieting well I had my weigh in last night and lost another lb which is good, obviously I'd have like more but hey as that famous supermarket's saying goes 'Every little helps' it means I've now lost 24lbs in 2 months and I'm still on target for losing my 7lbs this month (6lbs to go) I was going to try to go for a walk every day this week but I'm not sure I'm awake enough to go today despite a 3 hour 'nap' after I got back from the shops. I might see how I feel later as I don't have S tonight, she's gone to her dad's, so I can go out later at night although I don't really like going out after dark. I've only done about 3k steps so far today, I did nearly 8k yesterday but this week is sort of a test week and then the idea is to increase it so I do 10k+ a day, which is certainly going to be interesting at weekends as I barely move!

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