Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sponsored slim

Yep, that's right as the title says we're doing a sponsored slim. It's part of Slimming World's Slim for good campaign, its a 6 week challenge and we just have to lose as much as possible! I don't know a huge amount of people so I asked my boyfriend's mum if she'd take it to church which she very kindly agreed to do and I have a lot of people now sponsoring me a few pounds just for losing weight which is great. In case you're wondering the money doesn't go to us or to Slimming World we have to choose a local charity to support and the money goes to them, we've chosen a charity called Promise Dream who are a little bit like the Make a Wish Foundation but they are on a smaller and more local scale. We're hoping to raise loads but to be honest even if we could get everyone in the group to just raise say a tenner we could end up sending hundreds of pounds to the charity which I know would help them loads. 

I'm writing this nice and early today as I've made it my mission to try to write an entry first thing whilst we're getting ready for school, the only days I won't do that is a weekend as I'm usually at the boyfriend's and we do tend to sleep late, but I'm going to get the blogger app for my phone or tablet so hopefully I can still update on there. I've also added a recipes page which so far only has one recipe for KFC done the SW way but I will add more as I make them, I'm also aiming to put photo's on there of the finished article too (if I remember) 

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