Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The rest of my life....

Ohhhh, nice dramatic title itsn't it?! Well I do mean it, you see I'm on a journey, a metaphorical journey I guess as I plan to transform from the fat chick sitting at the desk writing this to a nice, skinny, sexy and confident woman. I started Slimming World on 7th January this year and I've so far lost 23lbs which is great (that's 1stone 9lbs btw) but if I was to say I have around another 12 stone to lose you will see the gargantuan task ahead of me! I'm not posting any pics up yet, mainly because to be honest I'm too embarrassed of the way I currently look. I have some ready to post so that once I feel I've left the old me far enough behind I will post my 'old' pics and then hopefully fell confident enough to post newer pics as they are taken.

I've been big nearly all my life, even at primary school I was known as chubby although everyone would say its just puppy fat and will be gone before long but sadly that never happened and I've just slowly gained weight over the years until I stepped on the slimming world scales weighing in at 25 stone 7.5lbs. If I'm perfectly honest with you dear reader I was worried that the scales wouldn't go up high enough! I nearly didn't go as I thought I might break them! I also came up with a million other reasons as to why I shouldn't go but I'm certainly very glad I did!

I will try to post on here as much as I can, the plan is to try out new recipes and add them on here and maybe some pics too (of the food not me!) I'm by no means a great cook but I'm happy to try stuff out so we'll give it a go.

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  1. Sounds like we have a similar beginning. I, too, was chubby. Looking back at the photos, I wouldn't say so, but apparently the perception of others was that I was heavier than other kids my age.

    I also stayed away from doctors. I was so afraid of being belittled. If I wanted that, I could do that completely on my own. No one could berate me better than I could. Fortunately, I have worked on that, and I love me now. I try not to talk down to myself now. Nothing positive ever comes of it.

    Good for you on your loss.