Monday, 11 March 2013

Another day, another lb?

Well I find myself at Monday once again and that means the dreaded weigh in tonight! I've been as good as I can be this week considering I've had 2 chinese takeouts! Done a fair bit of exercise over the weekend which is good, should get my first body magic award next Monday if I can do enough this week, so I'm hoping I get a decent loss - well any loss will be good as I'm slowly edging my way towards the 2 stone marker! 

Just read a post on a blog I follow by another Slimming World loser (and I can say that as she's lost over 6 stone following the plan and is now at her target weight) where she was talking about quick fix diets. We've all seen them and chances are we've all followed at least one of them, you know the ones - where you only eat a certain foodstuff or you only eat every other day of the week or something like that. Well the truth is you will lose weight doing that but unless you are planning on doing that diet for the rest of your life there's a good chance that once you come off it and start eating normally again you'll put some, if not all, of the weight back on. Now I'm not saying these diets don't work, they do for some, but never for me, but with Slimming World its more of a lesson in how to eat properly for life rather than a quick fix - as my fellow blogger said, we didn't go to bed a size 8 one night and wake up a size 28 the following morning, so why should we expect the same in reverse.

 My weight has been slowly adding up since I was young, usually around half a stone a year or so (although thankfully that does seem to have slowed somewhat in the past few years) so I can't expect it to fall off overnight. One other thing is you can't compare yourself to others, no matter if you're the same size, the same weight, the same height etc, we all lose weight at different rates, for some reason mine seems to come off very slowly (a lb or so at a time) then every once in a while I'll have a massive weight loss and lose 4 or 5 lbs in one week when I've done virtually the same thing and eaten virtually the same foods! 

As for my fitbit experiment, all is going well, I seem to average around 3-4k steps a day so my plan for this week is to get in at least 5k steps a day which is a lot harder than it seems believe it or not, the only problem I forsee today is its blooming freezing and I really don't wanna go for a walk! 

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