Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Success Express

As I mentioned in my previous blog post I need to make some changes and even though its the week of the big half marathon I have decided to make the changes to my diet this week. As you know I'm following Slimming World which is in essence a healthy eating plan, encouraging lots of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst still getting in carbs, protein, fats and sugars as everyone should on a healthy, balanced diet. Well this is another section that they offer which is called Success Express, it still follows the same principles but encourages even more fruit and veg in your diet but suggesting that for every meal you make sure that 2/3 of your plate is filled with superfree foods (ie fruit and veg) whilst the other 1/3 is filled with free foods (things like pasta, meat, potatoes etc), if you need to snack between meals you should eat fruit or vegetables and there is an increase in the number of Healthy Extra A choices (ie your dairy products) and your Healthy Extra B choices (ie your fibre choices) Then you must remember to have your syns, between 5 and 15, a day - these are your 'naughty' things like sugars etc.

I'm coping well so far although I'm only on day 2 but having plenty of veg for my dinners, snacking on loads more fruit than I'd normally eat (I'm not a big fruit eater) so I'm hoping to really boost my weight loss this week as I've been really disheartened with the gains and losses and feel like I've really hit a wall. Its great to have a friend doing it with me too, one of the other members from my group is giving it a go and we've really been encouraging each other and keeping each other motivated which is a good thing for me to have. 

On a different note, work's been interesting, a lot different to what I'm used to, the customers are a lot nicer, the staff are so friendly and easy going and I don't have a million processes to learn and remember as I did in my previous role so its all good.

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