Monday, 27 May 2013


As I've gained weight yet again this week I obviously need to make some changes in my life, whether its the diet, the exercise or something else but first I've decided I want to acknowledge what has already changed since I started this journey on Jan 7th 2013.

  • weight: 357.5lbs in Jan, 317lbs in May
  • signed up for half marathon 
  • can walk further than ever before 
  • no longer need asthma inhaler for day to day activities
  • can run up the stairs without getting out of breath
  • can feel my waist!
  • can feel muscles starting to develop in my legs particularly 

Things that I need to change:

  • my diet - need to speak to my consultant about that
  • my exercise regime - I have been concentrating too much on walking and not changing things up enough.
  • my work/life balance - I need to work out when I'm working, when I'm working out and when I have time to spend time with the people I love 
  • my head - I need to work out why I am so negative about things? why can't I accept things are changing for the better? why do I feel like I want to sabotage things all the time?

I have no idea how I'm going to do the last one but the rest should be fairly easy to sort out, they might not be easy to implement but as I'll be asking for people's help and advice (my weight loss consultant and my personal trainer) I hope I can get these in place fairly quickly. Of course I do have a big achievement this week - I will be completely my first half marathon at the weekend which I'm absolutely petrified about but hopefully with the support of the others doing the race I can dig in deep and get it finished even if I'm the last one on the course I WILL finish it!

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